Sunday, 5 April 2015

Some little eggs for Easter

The last few weeks feel like I haven't done much, certainly no making as such. I have been resting a bit this week but also putting in the ground work for some new projects, proposals and ventures, early days yet.

So feeling a little out of touch with making I was reminded of the red dyed eggs we were given by our host as a traditional Easter celebration last year in Santorini. So here are my attempts using just colours from the garden; onion skins for colour, fennel, herb robert, rosemary, etc for pattern. I particularly like the way the colour speckled through the shell to make some spotty eggs.


  1. They look wonderful ... did some nice flavor come through with the color?

    1. Thanks Liz. No flavours, which was actually fortunate as I can't stand the flavour of fennel... pretty though.

  2. The beauty is that provided the onion shells weren't sprayed, all of it is good to eat. And beautiful to look at. I grew up with this tradition...which evolved into ecoprint bundling.

  3. Gorgeous colours and patterns - both inside and outside.



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