Monday, 30 March 2015


Today I spent some time in the garden, clearing an overgrown path. As I worked at clearing the weeds and grass my mind went back to something I remembered watching, something about a gardening principle. I forget now the name of the garden designer and the details of the concept, apart from it being described as weeding 'like a cow'. The gardener demonstrated, slowly pulling handfuls of foliage, seemingly randomly from the border. I suppose a way of thinning, making space for growth but without being overly selective about which plants are removed. I wish I could remember more about it. While I steadily pulled at the dead grass, moss and weeds it gave me time to think, chew things over... ruminating I suppose.


  1. I love watching our deer ruminate ... they look utterly blissed out. Apparently they are somewhat different from their cow cousins in methodology as they nibble the edges of various forbs, allowing the roots to remain and re-grow new, tender leaves for future nibbling. Then, when the plant has had enough rooting and the conditions are right, it bolts up, after which the deer leave it alone (thistles are a good Texas Hill Country example). I'm sure there's a good metaphor in there ... I have to give credit to the Master Naturalist program for the concept.

    1. Thanks Liz, that's interesting, especially as we have deer that regularly visit our garden. They seem rather fond of my tulips at the moment, but generally eat the young leaves on my rose bushes... must be tasty I suppose. x



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