Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Archives and narratives

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, Leeds.  The mill no longer produces the fine worsted cloth it was once renowned for, but holds so many connections with its manufacturing past. Large parts of the mill have been turned into commercial units but there is also a wonderful gallery space and an archive, which are both open to the public.

My visit was the start of researching a new body of work, but with no specific direction it is always an uncertain experience. Will I find something that sparks my curiosity? How will I know what to look for? Despite uncertainty I am starting to feel that things are strangely slotting into place from the different projects I have been working on. In particular the research I did with Bradford College Textile Archive, which culminated in the installation 'Draft' for the Pick & Mix exhibition and also the research paper I delivered last week at the Infinite & Various conference in Bradford. Out of a great tangle a thread emerges... I am looking forward to untangling this one.

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