Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hirst Wood - the people's sculpture park?

This morning I decided to walk to Hirst Wood to see what the world looked like in it's snowy cloak. It was lovely to see everything so changed; some things hidden, others highlighted for all to see.

I didn't really know how the woods would look or feel but was surprised that the overall scene did not look more dramatic. However on looking closer there were lots of lovely surprises.

I was delighted to find both of the nests were still intact. Picked out in white against the dark branches they became even more visible. As I was wandering about I noticed some sticks that seemed to have fallen into a star shape, then I realised this was too much of a coincidence, someone else must have been making things. As I looked around more I began to notice other shapes buried in the snow.


How wonderful to see that other people had been inspired to create their own ideas. Making patterns, building structures and adding to the original structures we had made, there were about 8 - 10 structures, all in the same area of the woods. I particularly love this star inside my nest. I wonder if it was intended as a giant snowflake?

In the short time I spent in this area of the wood I spotted a small boy and his Grandfather inspecting the large nest and adding some more wood to it. They had no idea what it was but just wanted to add to it. It seems that once something is started people enjoy making their own mark. I wonder if it is similar to the sandcastles and marks in the sand we make at the seaside?

I pushed a row of sticks into the ground along the edge of the path to create long shadows to mark the day. Later on my way back through the woods I came across more evidence of creative activity...


... fairy doors and miniature shelters. I wonder who has made all these things?

I feel today's discoveries are important to my practice. I am not sure how just yet but I hope this might become clearer soon.


  1. Hannah - HAPPY NEW YEAR. What a lovely post to read! People obviously realised how special the nest creation was and felt inspired to contribute, it held a piece of magic that has grown. The nests are your "view" of the wood but other aspects are special to other people. I hope it does become clearer to you.
    Which ever beach my daugthers and I go to we always create a large mermaid from sand, shells and seaweed hair & feel that at the end of the day she will swim back out to sea!

  2. How fabulous that people are joining in - I love these photos - you must be thrilled that you started something happening for others too. Proves that we don't all find woods scary places!



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