Thursday, 3 September 2009

Useful tutorial

I had a useful tutorial today with David Haley, which has provided me with lots of food for thought. It was really good to talk through my ideas with someone who knows a lot about the subject. David was particularly interested in the reasoning behind my choice of the two places I am exploring. The idea of Home from Home and familiarity with landscape / ecology interested him and makes me think there is a lot more I could explore around these ideas.

As well as my practice we discussed the subject of a 'sense of place' that I have chosen to research for my Practice in Context module. David suggested I explore the term 'Genius Loci' but also consider how time impacts on place. I think this is another interesting factor.

We also discussed the idea of spending time in the places I have chosen - perhaps living there for a while. I have thought for a while it would be interesting to spend 24 hours in the woods, but I'm slightly worried about whether this is a safe thing to do. Perhaps I can convince John to come with me...

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