Sunday, 31 May 2009

Woodland Cyanotypes

Last weekend I went to Hirst Wood to make some large-scale cyanotypes on textiles. I enjoyed working on a larger pieces although I still tried not to be too fussy with composition. Fortunately the speed of cyanotype on a sunny day means you cannot afford to take long laying out the stencil material. I also choose to work with plant materials found on site in the area I am working, which adds a slightly random element even though ultimately I make the choice about where to go and what to use.

The piece below (and detail) is a print of a fallen oak branch onto a cotton/silk blend. The fabric has an inherent crinkle to it and has a soft but textured feel. The colour is quite light because it the fabric has not absorbed as much of the cyanotype chemicals, possibly because I forget to wash the fabric before using it.

The print of ferns (below and detail) was really successful, with a crisp clear print and a deep blue colour on the cotton fabric. I lightly pinned the fabric and the ferns directly onto the woodland path. The rough brush marks at the edges are from the application of the cyanotype chemicals and give a handmade and individual look to the piece.

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