Saturday, 17 August 2013

Making space for my thoughts

Lately I have been feeling the weight of clutter in my studio. In particular a wall of inspiration images including favourite artist's work was weighing heavily. Perhaps it was simply too distracting or maybe it feels like a lot to live up to. Taking down all these images and creating some space was really helpful and I found some nice little bits of my own work that had been hanging amongst the chaos and now feel worthy of more room to breath...

... I think that is really what this is all about, making a breathing space to allow my own creative identity to take shape.


  1. How freeing the uncluttered walls must feel! Love the rusty bit hanging there.

  2. sometimes it is so so important to declutter. It feels so good to start clean and fresh. My grandfather used to say you need to move or have a fire every ten years.

    For me (I have 3 boys) it would have to be every ten days.
    love your space here. am now following along. xo

  3. Thank you for this, Hannah. I am doing personal decluttering at home, and feel inspired by your example to carry this pare-down into my studio.
    Very helpful. -sus



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