Sunday, 11 August 2013

Inspiration from Historical Textiles

Verbal and visible histories told through textiles; observing, printing, stitching and drawing. During yesterdays workshop we used a variety of different ways to study old textiles, seeing things in new ways and capturing unexpected details. The surprises revealed by cyanotype printing were fascinating, edges and layers of cloth, textures, stitches and fibres shown in wonderful detail. Finding news ways of looking can be so inspiring.


  1. I love the cream in those top two images - I'm in a bit of a cream phase right now, along with black and white (and splashes of colour when I can't restrain myself).

    So I love those fabric buttons with their red stitching - such a lovely contrast and the shadows cast around the buttons are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for such an inspiring day. So much to think about and lovely samples to look at and play with x

  3. Looks like a lovely and inspiring day of stitching and sharing

  4. Thanks for an inspiring day. I'm amazed at how much you managed to fit in! I now have some beautiful samples to continue my stitching journey.



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