Friday, 1 February 2013

Blueprints in the snow

Despite the crazy weather last weekend (deep snow, quick thaw, thunder storms...) and once we thawed out the studio, we had a fabulous two days of cyanotype printing during the Cyanotype Weekend. We had a go at printing on and with all kinds of things, including lots of lovely textile treasures, and at times the ooohs and ahhhs got utterly out of hand. It just goes to show that you can still make sunprints in the snow.

You can see some of Bridget's beautiful prints below and also on her blog (will add the link when I get it).


  1. The 2 day workshop was amazing, anyone who is interested in cyanotype I would thoroughly recommend it. The amount of experimentation and printing was so good and no the snow didn't stop us. I know nee to put it all into practice. Thank you Hannah

  2. I love this colour! Rather inspiring - I will have a look at the other posts you have on the process. The amount of detail is rather fascinating!



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