Sunday, 11 November 2012

Words off the page

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to have some visitors to my studio for a workshop on 'Text & Textiles'. A more interesting and engaging group of people I couldn't have wished for, so along with the stitched words and letters we had a lot of words to exchange on so many subjects around art, textile, making, ownership, trade and history. There was so much to discuss, and it was good to be able to do it while stitching.

my own sampler
Jennifer's sample


  1. HI Hannah, I'm glad that the workshop went well.

    Perhaps I should sign up and have a go myself?


  2. Cheers Damien and thanks also for reading my blog. If ever you fancy learning some stitches you would be very welcome - I always think it's a great shame there aren't more male embroiderers.



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