Friday, 7 October 2011

Wandering, exploring, stumbling along

A productive day today; walking and thinking, testing out ideas.

I made the most of the autumn sun, first exploring a very short way along the river, but exploring a little way off the path. It was notable that a more substantial path is being put in place to help walkers navigate the slippery patch of riverbank that is riddled with springs. It made me wonder whether making wild places safe and risk free this takes away from our experience; removing the sensation of mud sucking my boots deep down into the sodden ground.

I experimented with stitching some text outside, but I was not satisfied with the results. By the time I had embroidered the words my mind had moved onto other things. I want to make work of and in the moment. I decided to make some bundles, with the newly fallen beech and oak leaves. Finding a small fragment of broken pottery amongst the smoothed stones of the busy stream I picked it up to include with the bundle I was making. I feel this is starting to get interesting as the bundle is taking on a significance as a piece of work in it's own right.

Submerged bundle
Later this afternoon I went out exploring, visiting Shipley Glen (for the first time I am ashamed to say) and having a good wander about. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the late summer sun, scrambling and strolling through the glorious landscape of giant tumbling boulders and crooked oak trees.

A fairy house?

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