Thursday, 6 October 2011

Time and space

Being home alone this week I have had a little more time and space to myself, which has encouraged me to to reflect a little bit. I am realising that I find it useful to have some solitude in order to think and work. I know I am easily distracted and somehow need to remove myself from the temptations. My other realisation is that I also need some outside creative input; something to fill the gaps left by tutorials when studying on the MA. I need a network of peers to motivate, encourage and critique.

Sooooo... this week I have taken the plunge and started looking for a studio space to rent - I'm still looking if anyone knows anywhere appropriate and reasonably priced. Another option I may consider is looking for a local residency.

Also I wonder if anyone else is also looking for similar support? Perhaps there could be the possibility of a small artists group of like-minded people. Let me know if you think you might be interested.

Thanks folks!


  1. HI Hannah - I'm a new follower to your blog, and have enjoyed seeing what you're up to. I also get easily distracted, even living alone! However, having my studio space separate from the house helps, especially if I DON"T take the phone out. I have found that I've developed an artists community through blogging that very much inspires me. I live in a somewhat secluded area and don't have a ton of art-peers, so over the past year + that I have been blogging, I feel much more connected to other artists. I wish you luck finding a studio and community there and look forward to seeing how this unfolds. And I like the borage flower photo, mine are dead and gone with the cold....

  2. Yeah, Hannah I feel the same. All the confidence and enthusiasm I felt after finishing the MA has now evaporated. I feel I'm right back where I started. Maybe we could meet up say once a month - I'd be up for a trip to Yorkshire!

  3. I think it would be great to meet up. Let's make a date!



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