Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pick of the bunch

New Designers in London is always a highlight of the year, with so many talented creative people all jostling for attention. Picking anything particular out is always tricky but here are a few of my favourite 'new designers' to watch...

Julia Jowett from Staffordshire University describes herself as an illustrator, but creates her beautiful drawings using wire and needlepoint stitching. It was a pleasure to meet and chat to Julia and hear about the background to her work.

Lynette Miller's installation was scaled down from her original show at Carmarthenshire College, yet still retained a really special subtle quality. Her work uses various media including, drawing, photography,  natural dyes and stains to create beautiful botanical drawings and constructed pieces.

The exquisite lace collars of Kerry Howley from Middlesex University look at first glance to me made of fine antique threads. On closer inspection the viewer realises they are made of hair. Some might be repulsed but there is also a great sense of wonder at the craft of making something so delicate.

No more time tonight but perhaps all add some more another time.

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  1. the acorn cups and the wee bottles are a delight



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