Monday, 27 June 2011

Theft... again!

Sadly my stalker / personal art thief seems to have stuck again. Almost a year since most of my MA work was stolen, some of the pieces from Art in the Woods have been taken. Fortunately this time it seems the thief was interrupted mid-way through the dirty deed, so only one and a half banners were taken. I am trying not to take it personally but it is strange when it is only my work targeted. So annoying that someone would actually damage the work removing it - clearly not an art lover!

Anyhow, Art in the Woods has now finished. Despite this nasty twist I have really enjoyed being involved and hope to do some similar projects in the future.


  1. That is plain nasty. I'm glad the thief was caught, but I mourn your loss. One wonders what the thief is doing with your work...
    Stay strong!

  2. How awful to have someone targeting your work! It's such a personal attack. Hope someone notices it and they are exposed. Glad to hear it hasn't put you off anyway!

  3. So very sorry to hear this Hannah... I would be both so upset and cross...
    I loved your pieces and thought they looked wonderful in situ. Unfortunately there are some unpleasant people out there.
    Hugs Lynn xxxx



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