Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stitches and Sunshine

I have been so busy lately that my blog has taken a back seat. My students have finished putting up their degree shows but I am still putting the final touches to my latest project. You will be able to see the results of my hard work from Saturday onwards in Art in the Woods.

Practice makes (almost) makes perfect with the cornely machine, but I am very pleased to have finished my machining. Walking out of the building to find the world lit by golden sunlight drenched by a recent shower I felt light with relief. There is something quite magical about the world after a sudden shower.


  1. I never managed to meet the challenge of the cornelly, even with the lovely Judy over my shoulder! so I await your new work with wonder at your dexterity ha ha ....looks great though
    Lynn x

  2. I should add my thanks to Bradford School of Arts & Media for letting me use their machine - but since it is my job to teach people to use it I like to think I'm just keeping it ticking over nicely!

    Still practice is needed to get even close to the standards of Judy!

  3. I love the work you do Hannah. Please can I share with you examples of mine.



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