Saturday, 11 June 2011

Art in the Woods

Yesterday was installation day for Art in the Woods and despite very changeable weather we succeeded in putting up all my work (thanks John!). The art trail circles through a pine plantation which starts on the edge of Home Styles Reservoir. Walking up a steep track with ladders and all our paraphernalia we trekked to the site and then worked through sunshine and downpours to hang six long textile banners as well as the water soluble piece.

I happily managed to dodge the worst of the rain to put up this piece (below) which comprises cornely chain stitch embroidered text directly onto water soluble fabric. As you can see (further below) a few drops have started to dissolve the piece, which should change throughout the period of the art festival. I would love it if anyone can take photos of this piece if they visit the trail, it would be really lovely to have a record of how it changes. Please email me any of your pictures.


  1. It looks wonderful :)

  2. Oh how I wish I were there to see this installation. The concept and execution are right on. I am in love with words and letters and you use both so well to convey being in the moment. I could read the piece that will dissolve by clicking on the photograph twice. A song about a song of birds dissipating like the sound of a bird call lingering in your mind, there, but not quite there, anymore, except as a memory. The letters will linger but a bit different like a memory revisited.
    I love this.



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