Friday, 6 May 2011

I like a challenge

During the last couple of weeks I have realised just how much I need a project to work towards. I find I have so much more motivation when faced with a particular challenge. So Art in the Woods is really helping me find my focus and generate ideas.

I am also finding that having a project in hand jolts me out of my usual methods of working and reminds me of other processes I have overlooked. When I visited Home Styles wood to research for the project I took my old SLR camera with me  (after blowing the dust off it) and really enjoyed the technical challenge and the sense of mystery involved in taking photos on film. It was just such a different experience. I am so grateful for being forced to learn how to use a camera properly during my BA course and this has reminded me how much I enjoy the process - digital is just too easy, there's no challenge! So from now on I plan to use my digital camera for recording things quickly but my SLR film camera or a pinhole camera for anything with meaning. The quality below might be slightly dodgy as I have scanned from the printed photo.
taken in Home Styles Woods with my Ricoh KR-10 SLR camera

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