Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fresh Ideas

I could smell the rain before I saw or heard it; transforming and refreshing the landscape. Rain at last after almost no rain for two months here. It seems the refreshing rains have seen some transformations and fresh ideas.

The textile pieces I am creating for Art in the Woods are going well with images being built up on the surface. The final part I had planned was a layer of stitched 'handwritten' notes from my observations of the site... but then it dawned on me that the text is perhaps the most important element; what if I just used the layer of text on it's own? Could the text be seen to float between the trees? I was immediately excited by the idea of creating something more refined, less cluttered and a completely new idea to me. I was worried about abandoning the pieces I had already started but think I will complete a few of these as well as working on my new idea.

This evening I have also been discussing ideas for a great little collaborative project. Working alongside other creative people on a project venturing into drawing, stitch and marks will get the cogs moving and I like the idea of working towards something undetermined. Exciting times!

I find my best ideas emerge on the cusp of waking and sleeping and I wondered how or where other people get their thunderbolt breakthroughs and ideas. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Ideas seem to arise at two types of time - in the middle of a work frenzy or more often in the middle of something unrelated, when I'm "off duty" like about to sleep, or walking up a mountain, or on a fast train.

  2. Love these new ideas, interested in anything that has a sense of time and place and is ephemeral in nature. My best ideas come at most inconvenient times: at work, in the bath and out on my bike and like you when trying to get to sleep.

  3. I tend to find its when I can't sleep. Nocturnal thoughts that keep me awake that although are often slightly annoying at the time as I am tired, tends to be when my best ideas materialise!



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