Saturday, 5 March 2011

Created and destroyed

I realised that I have never uploaded the images of the other shop window I worked on for the Keighley Green Trail. For this window I collaborated with two of my Bradford College students (thanks Dawn and Alice) to create a series of 'banners' as a backdrop for Louise Fyffe's upcycled fashion garments. You can see more about creating the eco-print fabrics here.

I think the display worked really well; combining the subtle marks and colours of the natural dyes on recycled fabrics, and they complimented Louise's garments really well.

The unfortunate ending is that due to some mis-communication all of the fabric banners were lost or thrown away at the end of the Keighley Green Trail. Although I was pretty upset when I found out they were gone, I am now more philosophical about it; some things are meant to last only a fleeting moment... plus I still have the photos to share.


  1. They look great! Shame I didn't see them finished and double shame they were lost, but I like your phylosophical attitude. It seems right somehow that they are ephemeral.

  2. Yes sorry about that Alice, I had hoped to be able to give you some of the fabrics you worked on. Anyhow I won't dwell on what happened to them but can give you some photos if you want.

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about the banners being thrown away - shocking!

    They were beautiful pieces, thanks for photographing them so well, windows can be a pain photographing, with the refelctions and all.

    I'd like to say thanks to everyone who worked on them! Great job!



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