Thursday, 28 October 2010

Surfaces for Keighley Green Trail

A few images here from a session of collecting and dying on Saturday. Many thanks to Dawn, Betahny, Alice, Jo and Hazel for their helping me collect and cook up this lovely collection of fabrics to be used as a backdrop, coming soon to a shop in Keighley...

Dawn & Bethany unwrapping the fruits of our labours

We collected windfall berries, leaves, seeds and metal litter and wrapped them in different cloths. Lots of lovely surprises!


  1. These look exciting...I've recently done the same with windfall from my garden but prints were not very clear although cloth is a lovely colour, very autumnal. I'm wandering if as the leaves degrade they lose their natural dye?

  2. Glad things worked. Looking forward to seeing the finished results. Can't stop picking up leaves, not that I've not always done that, but now they have new potential! A



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