Monday, 3 May 2010

Akihiko Izukura exhibition

Akihiko Izukura is a Japanese textile artist working with silk spinning, dyeing, netting, braiding and weaving. He describes himself as a 'natural textile artist' and his special approach to textile processes, called  Senshoku-do (dyeing and weaving ceremony) demonstrates his reverence for nature and zero waste philosophy.

There is currently an exhibition of his amazing works at Nottingham Trent University called 'Life in Colours - the works of Akihiko Izukura' (his first exhibition in the UK). On Thursday I went to the private view and artists talk. It was wonderful to see his beautiful demonstration of the Senshoku-do ceremony; using every drop of dyestuff through successively lighter colours on cloth.

It is an amazing exhibition, which has given me loads of inspiration for large-scale textile pieces and their display. I'll put a few images here to wet your appetite. But if you get the chance I thoroughly recommend a visit.


  1. sounds fantastic! the images look wonderful, thanks for bringing him to our attention xxx

  2. Stunning - I really want to visit this now - thanks for sharing.

  3. This looked wonderful Hannah and nice to hear it inspired you.
    thank you for the wonderful link you gave me today for Mhairi Killin (I just need a trip up to Bonny Scotland now) she is amazing.



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