Sunday, 17 January 2010

The plan!

I have a plan...

... to become the voluntary Artist in Residence for Hirst Wood.

I have already started to think about the practical considerations of this and I think it is within my abilities and generally do-able. I have a lot of practical experience that will help and I am really excited about the prospect of this new adventure.

I would like to get 'official' permission to do it, although I don't think there is any legal reason that I need to, it would probably be in my best interests in the longer run to speak to the council (who own the woods). I think this could be the only stumbling block - dealing with the bureaucracy. Any advice is most welcome...


  1. I think the fact that you are volunteering is very strong! Try talking to a local counciller and get them on side and then they can help push it along, even an MP will hold some sway. It could be a big publicity thing for them so find someone who likes the idea and work with them. I did some work with a mother a baby group and got in through a happy health visitor in a similar way.
    Good luck and it does take a while

  2. Hi Hannah, I just popped over here from India Flint's blog. I think your idea sounds fantastic. But I rather like the idea of not telling the council, and remaining anonymous, a bit like a masked superhero LOL! And I love your 'nest' sculpture post. It reminded me of a short story I wrote a few years ago, about a kind of 'dialogue' taking place between two people unknown to each other, through the beach sculptures they build and build upon on their daily walks. There are so many ways to communicate. Good luck with it!

  3. This sounds fantastic Hannah...a beautiful & generous contribution to the woodland. I'm currently Artist in Residence at a school & it's really pushed my practice forward and in unexpected ways. I think you will find that it gives your work another layer of meaning..good luck!



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