Friday, 11 December 2009

Liquid lubrication

It proved to be good advise to have a drink and write a stream in consciousness. It certainly made me suspend judgement for a while and make observations based on gut instinct instead of what I think is correct or acceptable.

In the week since I did this I have reviewed the words I noted down, making further connections and observations. Here are some of my reflections:

  • keep things simple
  • make them beautiful
  • if I can bring the images in my head into reality I may be able to communicate my ideas
  • if the work has honesty & integrity it will communicate to other people
  • don't worry about the format of the work
  • the subject of my work is elusive, personal and spiritual
  • the elusive quality of the work is interesting in it's own right.
  • many of the images I have imagined have religious connections: cupped hands, washing / cleansing, dappled light. This is interesting!

  • I would like to create a series of images / photos
  • they could become a book or series of some kind
  • I would like to consider larger scale collages of images building up tactile layers and surfaces.

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