Monday, 16 November 2009


I have decided to create some 'postcards home' as part of my more concluded outcomes for assessment in January. Here are a few examples of postcard designs:

I don't really want to make something that looks vintage, but there is something very attractive about these.

Mum has albums of old postcards that were sent between my Great-grandfather & Great-grandmother. They were used as a very quick means of communication, sometimes a couple sent each day. Perhaps like today's text messaging?


  1. Hi!We saw the bags you created and they are great!congratulations!

  2. I have my grandmothers post card album from the turn of the last century. it is from the UK. you are right, it is just like text messaging, arranging meetings, afternoon teas, birthday greetings, get well wishes, a little bit of disguised gossip. all sent to destinations close, but just a bit too far to send a message by child courier. i find it facinating to study and marvel at how social their lives were. my grand mother emigrated to Australia in 1919 as a 19 year old and brought all her post card albums with her. no one else in my family wanted them, but i couldn't throw them out. it is like being with her when i turn the pages.
    Cheers Jan



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