Thursday, 1 October 2009

Name tapes

Thinking about place, identity and home I remembered an old packet of Cash's name tapes I had. Naming is a key aspect of place-making and these name tapes have a very domestic, homely feel. Although they are woven, they almost appear stitched and give me some ideas for developing my practice.



  1. I love these - do you know who any of the people are? Would be interesting to know. I really like the connection with your work too.

  2. No idea who they are - can't remember where they even came from. I'm such a hoarder!

    I would like to do something with this idea but the trouble is that Cash's name tapes are very synthetic these days and not woven quite as nicely. Does anyone know where I can find ones with a softer handle, ideally cotton?

    Perhaps I could explore scaling-up the idea and stitching it?

  3. Lovely images.
    Don't get me started on labels....I have searched the internet for nice natural labels and I am not sure they exsist.



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