Monday, 28 September 2009

Avoiding difficult work

I have realised I have been very distracted lately. Going on holiday and starting back into lecturing has given me a lot of opportunity to think about other things but I need to clear some space and tackle the difficult task of my practice. Crucially I have yet to come up with the 'well defined question' I decided I needed in order to help define my practice. What is it I am trying to work out? What is the problem or hypothesis?

a stream of consciousness...

belonging, place, understanding, self, realisation, purpose, genius loci, embraced, home, destiny, the world, looking, searching, position, relationship, interconnectedness, location, lost, loss, mortality, touch, haptic, being.

"The lure of the local is the pull of place that operates on each of us, exposing our politics and our spiritual legacies. It is the geographical component of the psychological need to belong somewhere, one antidote to a prevailing alienation."

Lucy Lippard, 1997 in The Lure of the Local: senses of place in a multicentered society


  1. May I recommend a book by Ellen Meloy, THE ANTHOLOGY OF TURQUOISE. Some of the most beautiful visual writing of landscape and sense of place.

  2. Hope you find what you are seeking, your place, your purpose and your path



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