Monday, 17 August 2009

Pinning Up My Work

Having done a fair bit of thinking, reading and generally researching I feel my work is starting to develop into some interesting directions but I was having trouble articulating just what it was I was investigating. So I thought it might be a useful exercise to pin up everything that seemed currently relevant. It was good to get away from my usual working space and use the studio at MMU to spread everything out.

It was a good idea, as I ended up with some things I hadn't expected and simplified my ideas by removing things that no longer seemed to fit.

While ironing the cyanotype prints I had re-coloured with plant stains they became static so I let them cling to the blind behind the ironing board while I worked. Then I noticed how the light shone through the silk, illuminating the prints. As a bonus there was also a fabulous shadow from the tree in the courtyard. It would be interesting to make some larger prints and hang them in a space, perhaps outside.

1 comment:

  1. nothing like a clean white wall and some nice light to give a new perspective on work....



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