Monday, 27 July 2009

Woodland pinhole photography

These are the pinhole photos I took a couple of weeks ago. I was concentrating on being aware of my presence in the landscape. For these photos I decided to hold the camera, rather than using a tripod or laying the camera on the ground. My exposures were not traditionally timed; instead I chose to time it by how long I could stay still for. Inevitably I did move slightly in some cases, but most of the movement in these images is actually from the movement of trees in the wind and changing patterns of light and shade.

I feel I am really starting to achieve a sense of time and place with my photography. Rather than creating an image that tries to capture a 'realistic' copy of the landscape I think I have begun to capture more of the 'feel' of the place. The photos give a sense of atmosphere.

I would like to continue with more of this work and I also plan to try the large Polaroid pinhole camera again too. John has helped with some calcualtions for the exposure times, so I now know roughly how long they should be.

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