Saturday, 20 June 2009

New ideas and reflection on feedback

I have lots of new thoughts to reconcile following my first assessment feedback. There is too much to write about in one go but I will try to outline the key areas to clarify things in my own mind.

One of the main things I have been encouraged to explore is the subject of process and recording my processes as a thing in it's own right. Melanie is quite keen for me to explore film as a method of doing this. I think this could be interesting but I am worried about whether I can do it well.

I also want to explore process by examining hand / digital making. I think this might sit rather well with the ideas of rural / urban and the quiet/busy subjects I have already started exploring. There is the possibility of looking at the slow movement in relation to these ideas. There is significant discussion about this on the academic agenda at the moment. Craftspace are developing an exhibition and research around the subject of slow craft  and various other academics, artists and designers are already looking at this (more on this another time).

Another area that hasn't been raised in my feedback but is really a gut instinct is a yearning to explore material surfaces, tactile and sensory qualities. I know this is a massive subject but perhaps it is something I can start as a side project?

I am interested in sensory and emotional responses to environments and perhaps this can start to come together with the idea of video projections. I think I may be getting very ahead of myself and I should probably just experiment as I have been.

Today I came across a couple of things that I think are really interesting in terms of using light and space with audio visual new media. Norimichi Hirakawa uses digital media to create the most amazing interactive installations. I can't exactly understand what is going on but it looks mesmerising. Viv Mousdell has created this tranquil piece based on waves and breath. I think what struck me about both artists was the depth of feeling I had in response to just viewing them on a small computer screen - I wonder what it would be like to experience the work in person?

Such a lot to think about...

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