Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Painting shadows

Noticing a shadow on the wall this morning I decided to make a drawing/tracing from it. The shadow was from a potted plant and was made by a shaft of light from a gap in the curtain. I didn't really have a plan for the drawing so I picked up some grey acrylic ink and just started painting on the paper I stuck on the wall. This was perhaps not the most suitable media as the shadows really had quite soft, fuzzy edges. I think the areas I put in with a watered-down solution, later in the drawing, seem better.

As I worked I noticed how quickly the shadow was moving and changing with the altering direction of the sun. Although we would normally consider this to be a slow movement it seemed fast in comparison to the speed of my drawing, but it was only by drawing it that I could notice the speed. I also noticed the layers of shadows of different densities. I think there are lots of ideas from this that can be developed.

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