Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunday 15th March

Sunday's walk to St Ives produced further 'threads' made using plant stems and the addition of some purple crocus. I like the gold thread I used to bind them, it seems to sum up the glittering of birdsong and warmth of the spring sunshine.

I also made a sketchbook and concentrated on making observations in different locations. Below is a sketch of one of the beautiful tiny patches of lichen I found on a wall at St Ives. I tried to make plenty of notes about colours and tactile qualities. I liked the way the spots on the lichen look similar to the spots of lights on my new CAD images. The lichen also looked like a miniature Earth surface; I'm interested in how tiny things often look like massive things just on a different scale.

Further reflections were that for me walking may be the same as searching (both subjects that arose in my reverse mind mapping. So if walking is searching, finding is sunlight illuminating a discovery - epiphany.

I also discovered that perception is very important to me when walking in the countryside. Catching something out of the corner of my eye, or on the edge of consciousness involves a shift of perception and reveals hidden dimensions. Time is also crucial in how we perceive our environment; over-familiarity or too brief a glance only provides limited information, a selective snapshot. Spending some time to settle into an environment allows us to adjust our speed to our surroundings and to notice things fully.

I think I need to think on these things a bit more.

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