Saturday, 30 April 2016

Not making it

It is a very strange thing to be building up for a big project and to have nothing much to show for it. The Lasting Impressions project I am currently working on with Claire Wellesley-Smith is something very different for me. As a performative work, it will take place and grow in situ at Salts Mill. It is such an exciting opportunity and  I feel really honoured to be able to work on this.

It took me by complete surprise (although it probably shouldn't have) that I have missed the slow build-up of making that I usually associate with a project. I miss the making and I miss the reassurance of a physical object taking shape. It makes me nervous to have nothing in my studio and just lists and invoices in my notebook.

I keep telling myself that the magic will happen in the moment... Fingers crossed!


  1. Sounds like a personal challenge and chance to stretch yourself!

    1. Yes I think you are right. It's always good to challenge myself, but a little daunting ahead of the event. Whatever happens I'm sure I will learn a lot.



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