Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rhythms and patterns

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to settle into new rhythms and patterns in my life. We have a lovely new addition to the household in the form of a four year-old greyhound called Henry. For all of us adjusting to new routines and ways of doing things has been a challenge. For one thing walking is becoming more frequent but has a different focus. Henry made his first visit to the studio yesterday and enjoyed the scenic view (below).

In my studio I am also learning to work differently. The work for the 'Pick & Mix' exhibition is making very slow progress and I am finding the counted cross stitch tedious and fiddly, especially given that I am stitching on tracing paper. I am not used to working in such a constrained way, within grids and to a pre-ordained pattern but perhaps the discipline will be good for me. I may just have to break free at some point though.


  1. Wish I could remember where I read "cross stitch was/is the original pixelated image" ... it's a stitch I've explored for years and not as simple as it first appears. Definitely fiddly ...

    1. That's a really interesting point Liz. In terms of textile, creating an image or pattern has always involved building it from small units. There are so many parallels between digital and textile. The Jacquard loom played a fundamental role in the development of programmable machines, computers etc.

      I have to say though that the restrictions of working to a grid are driving me a little crazy. I just hope I learn to love it the more I do...



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