Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pacing myself

The last few weeks I have been focusing intensely on organising all my 'walks' for the installation for Pinpoint II at One Church Street Gallery. I have been working on this project since early spring so it was helpful to get all my thoughts together and consider the presentation of the work. The pieces will be a series of linear maps, documenting a sequence of walks from my home near Bingley, and also from my Mother's home in Buchinghamshire.

It seems I now have rather longer to plan the work as the exhibition has been postponed until next year... more thinking time I suppose.


  1. Hannah, I am very interested in your walking project.

    I am thinking that walking is like stitching.


  2. Thanks Judy... it's been interesting but I have felt the pressure of deadlines on this one, which has slightly upset my usual meditative approach. I agree about the stitching and walking, I suppose they are both repetitive acts that can be mindful/mindless.



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