Sunday, 8 June 2014

Walk 7 - just a little walk

a little walk
from home along the riverbank

chocolate brown water
fast flowing and higher than normal (for the time year)
muddy underfoot

collecting yellow flowers;

oil seed rape
yellow flag iris
and others

bundled into silk

along the river
collected reflections
an underwater world
light and shade

down to the waters edge
foaming water
evening light and soothing, lapping water

falling away
on my skin

collecting yellowed ivy leaves on my way home


  1. Hannah
    I am very interested in your walking project.
    I think it is terrific!

    I think of walking as mark making.
    I have a daily walk that repeats the same geography through the seasons - am I interested in the passage of time or just in the body's rhythm.

    You live in a beautiful area.

    1. Thanks Judy! This is a wonderful place to live, but many people would be surprised to know how much beauty there is in this area. I suppose it's about how you look at the world around you.

      I try to approach walking without thinking too much. I don't have a set walk, I just let instinct take me. I do have one little rule, which is that I always try to follow a robin if lands near me and sings, they always feel like they are showing me the best path. Silly I know!

  2. wondering if you are familiar with the work of Pauline Lamont-Fisher
    another serious walker
    worth a visit...

    1. No, I'm not familiar with this work, but will have a look.

      I'm not sure I would consider myself a 'serious' walker, just mucking around really! I reckon it never pays to take yourself too seriously.

      Thanks muchly for the recommendation.



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