Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The language of lines (through a lense)

Although I only had a couple of hours at the studio and felt quite unfocussed I had a massively productive day. Sometimes when you don't over-think / over-work things they fall into place rather easily.

I was also reminded today of the important lesson I learnt as a student of photographing work in progress regularly. As a student as we were required to document our work and consequently I had to learn to take decent photos using a film SLR. I could never have known at the time just how important I would continue to find that process or how helpful it would become in the digital age of social media. A useful and timeless/timely lesson for life.

The work below is based on Walk 3 towards my installation for Pinpoint II later this year. I have so much still to do but I am starting to feel like I have the beginnings of something.



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