Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A kind of gentle presence

Thanks to Joe from for interviewing me for a this article.


  1. I really enjoyed the article Hannah, and I'm very interested in your comments about textile art being a victim of it's own success. I abandoned my own textiles MA some years ago for reasons directly related to what you describe.

  2. I enjoyed your interview and that you do your textile art for you. I find walking and observing and collecting found objects has similar meaning for me, inspiring my nature drawings. Textiles and crafts from childhood experiences and memories do shape values. Village rummage sales were my source of fabric to make things, my first patchwork from shirts, still love recycling.

  3. yummy - off to read it.

  4. Thanks to you all for the kind comments. I have probably been rather too frank in this interview, wearing my heart on my sleeve... but I am known for calling a spade a spade... I'm glad you enjoyed it.



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