Sunday, 26 January 2014


January is always a busy month for me, with lots of assessment to do at college, but I always try to do something creative if I can find the time. Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a Natural Dye & Screen Printing workshop led by Kirstie Williams at West Yorkshire Print Studio. Throughout the day we used four different natural dyes; madder, weld, logwood and alkanet and experimented with mordants to create different colours and to create pattern. I was fascinated to see the different results that could be achieved, layering mordant and colour and radiant results of the natural dyes on cloth. I loved seeing how one dye looks so different on a variety of fibres and fabric types.

Below you can see a few of my photos from the day... I also realise I have been rather remiss in promoting my own workshops. I have just a couple of places left for my spring workshops, which can be booked online here.


  1. I am a complete novice here, but what colour does alkanet produce? I have a garden full of it and a next-door neighbour who does dying from time to time?

    1. I am a novice too! We created a range of soft mauve and grey shades with alkanet by using different mordants.

    2. Thank you - worth a try I think, it's a horrid plant, but if it has a use, I might let it stay!

  2. this looks really interesting, lovely way to spend a weekend



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