Thursday, 9 January 2014

Loosing track

It seems like ages since I have really engaged with my practice, written in my journal or my blog, probably because it is ages. Today I finally took myself off for a walk, along the river and through the woods. The river was extremely swollen and flowing as fast, reeds and grasses bleached and flaxen. The ground of course was sodden and it was cold;  not everyones idea of an ideal walk, but beautiful to me.

It was good to get out and feel the sun on my face and the bitter cold on my fingers; clearing the cobwebs away.


  1. It's good to clear the cobwebs away!

  2. It looks wonderful -so different from here (Queensland, Australia). Those bulb shoots, so green and vertical, bravely promising so much - they made me smile.

  3. I was the same with your bulb shooting photo :)



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