Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Postcards from Saltaire

These are some of the little postcard prints I have been making ready for Saltaire Arts Trail, which is just a couple of weeks away now. I am hoping to create one hundred prints, but we shall see...

These little cyanotype prints are all made using 'weeds' from around the World Heritage Site of Saltaire village and will create both individual snapshots of place and time, and as a group, a kind of map of Saltaire flora.

Come along and see how many I manage to make during my special open studio event, 25th-27th May.


  1. these small cyanotypes capture the essence, don't they?

  2. Beautiful work! I hope the Private View went well - I was sad to miss it (some family commitments meant I couldn't just swan off late that afternoon) but I will catch the exhibition.



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