Sunday, 28 April 2013

Final touches

I have been busy making the final touches towards my installation for the Bowery. Above you can see a few of the pieces hanging up in the studio.

At the moment I feel a mixture of mild panic and excitement at the prospect of hanging the work. I still have so much to do but feel as though I might be making some interesting developments in my practice. I think I will probably only know what I think when the work is up - but then perhaps that is what an exhibition is for, to test ideas and to put them in front of an audience of critics.

The exhibition 'In Search of Green' runs 4th May to 5th July 2013, but if you would like to join us for the private view on Friday 4th May you are very welcome between 6 - 8pm for wine and arty fun! Alice Fox will also be showing a new hanging of Textures of Spurn at the Bowery.


  1. Your garments look like they're hewn out of nature. I love your use of natural dyes.

  2. How exciting! Goodness, I might even be able to come to the Private View (the advantages of not living in France and now living in Yorkshire).

    1. Yippee, hope you can come.

    2. I will try my best, there are a few logistical things to arrange! - If I don't make it for the private view I will DEFINITELY be over for the exhibition!

  3. Would you believe I am Leeds for a christening on 1st June, hoping to find time to visit 2 of my favourite textile artists



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