Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Red cross - emergency stitching!


I have a few additions to make to 'Visible Mending'. Some things became apparent only when I had 'finished' the piece and was able to step back and take stock. I have to hang the work later this week so I am really up against my deadline now.


  1. i AM LIKING this piece very much. I love the red cross done with stitch, and the airy look to the whole thing. The visible marks, the numbers .

  2. It's funny but the red crosses were really an afterthought... something that was just needed after the 'planned' work was finished. There is something quite satisfying about them and I thought they were so relevant in light of reading about the Red Cross parcels received by POW's during the war.

    Thanks for your lovely comment I really appreciate your thoughts.



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