Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Going to war

At last and with a great deal of help, 'Visible Mending' has been hung in the War exhibition at the Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford College. Things never really go to plan, but in the end I think things have worked out okay.

The exhibition 'Private View' is on Thursday evening. Although the name might suggest an exclusive event it is actually open to all. So if you would like to drop by please come and say hello. You might also be interested in the free two-day War conference in February. You can find more information about the exhibition and the conference here.

For a map of how to find the Yorkshire Craft Centre please click here


  1. hope it goes well this eve. i am interested greatly in your work because I find it beautiful but also I have a common interest. I am studying my MA at the moment and I am working on a crafts that promote wellbeing and are uplifting, I am working on saskiko stitches, it's a beautiful stitch with a beautiful history, it reuses, up-cyles, brings a sense of community, feel achievement and it is incredibly calming. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me from me reading your blog,

    1. Helen, your project sounds fascinating! Good luck with the MA and let me know how things go.

  2. sashiko** the computer corrected it for me and it sent just as I noticed



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