Friday, 14 September 2012

Taking risks

It asked me to do it.
It sat there looking at me.
Looking sorry for itself.
I spent so long on this piece,
I had a vision but it never really worked out right.
So today I took my scissors to it.

I cut... and I cut again

I am so pleased I took the risk. I really like the way the edges curl and the papery quality of the waxed material. I wonder though, could I have made such pleasing compositions without first making the large piece; I don't think so.

These pieces will be on the wall this weekend for my open studio, so you will be able to see them in a  more detail. Also currently at the Butterfly Rooms on the first floor you can find beautiful cyanotype prints by Hunt & Gather Design.

You are all invited... hope you can make it!

Hannah Lamb Open Studio this weekend 15th - 16th Sept.

Join Hannah in her new studio at the Butterfly Rooms, Saltaire for an open studio exhibition of textile artwork, work in progress and demonstrations throughout the day. The Open Studio coincides with the renowned Saltaire Festival. Homemade cake is on a first come, first served basis! This event i
s free and open to all.

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September 2012, 10am - 4pm

Studio 2, Butterfly Rooms, 73 Bingley Road, Saltaire BD18 4SB

Please note access to this event is via two steep flights of stairs.

For more information visit


  1. wish l was nearer and could come and see it 'in the flesh' so to speask. good luck and have fun. x lynda

  2. the cutting was most definitely worth the risk of cutting. it's very strong now. i, too, would drop in, if not for a (really) big pond in the way.

  3. Hannah they are beautiful - its a brave thing to do cutting a large piece! But they show a natural earth quality and connection between them.



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