Sunday, 22 July 2012

Highs and lows

I was trying to have a really busy weekend of work, knowing that we were finally having some good weather, but other events have interrupted.

The bat colony next door (not a euphemism) seems to be having some difficulties and lots of babies have fallen or wandered out. I should point out that bats are highly protected by law, so we initially left nature to take it's course hoping the mothers would collect their missing youngsters. However after several deaths and coming home to find a baby bat hanging on our front door it seemed like a cry for help. The lovely people on the Bat Line (not connected to India's bat phone) gave us advice and put us in touch with the necessary people. It would seem bats are having a pretty hard time at the moment. So we have been caring for a little nursery, before taking them to the bat hospital. The responsibility has been surprisingly stressful!

If you encounter any bats in trouble please do not touch them until you have spoken to an expert. If you need advice about bats in your locality The Bat Concervation Trust are people to contact.

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