Friday, 22 June 2012

Marks on a page

Just using up the dregs of a dye bath, markmaking without a specific purpose. Pondering on a question someone asked the other day; what is the difference between a dye and an ink? Any thoughts?


  1. permanence? Volatile Organic Compounds? Fluidity?

  2. well the difference between dye and stain is thought to be 'dye=bonded with fibre' whereas a stain sits on the surface [and often comes away at least partially when the object is washed]
    but a dye can be used as ink without being heat-fixed.

    are you going to wash that paper? will it matter?

    mark-making is fun. play.

    1. Thanks for your interesting comments. I am not too worried about permanence with this stain. The only reason I ask is because someone asked me, and I struggled to define the difference between an ink and a dye.



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