Saturday, 17 March 2012


Feeling the need to stretch my legs I set out on a little rainy walk. Enjoying the emergence of spring shoots contrasting with the brittle, dry textures of winter stems I walked to the river. Following a trail of fresh green seedlings down to the waters edge I discovered treasure; a fragile pearly freshwater clam shell. What a discovery... and then I found another... and another, just 150 metres from my doorstep. Now I understand why the oystercatchers come to this landlocked part of the country. So I took to some mudlarking myself, searching for my kind of treasure in the sand and silt of the riverbank.

Along with the shells I found some beautiful blue and white ceramic shards, sections of weathered stained fibreglass and pieces of dark stained cattle bones. I have lots of ideas for these with stitch, composition, wax, etc. I could have collected many more treasures, but I felt like it would be greedy to take more than I can work with at one time. It will be interesting to return another day to see what the river leaves for me.


  1. i love mudlarking....found a button and a nice crystal shard in the Thames last time i was in London...

  2. Yes, it's exciting looking for treasure. I'm renowned for looking through 'rubbish' and finding something of great beauty (well it is to me anyway).



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