Monday, 12 December 2011

It takes space to get to simplicity

I had a really productive day yesterday, clearing space on the kitchen wall to finally pin up some ideas that have been whirring around my head. It is quite stunning the difference it makes just having the space to put things out and step back. I felt this unfolding of ideas as I tested out different forms and shapes on the wall; pinning, re-arranging, stepping back, scribbling, applying shapes and stencils.

Paper pieces
I want to start working in a much more abstract and symbolic manner, which I have always found difficult previously, but now it seems like something I need to get out of my system. I am also keen to work on a large scale on 2D work. While I was working I was thinking about work I have seen and found inspirational over the years: Jo Budd, Mark Rothko, Polly Binns and many others, scale and simplicity in abstraction feel important to me right now. I also enjoyed this blog posting from Judy Martin.

Having the physical space to work really helped me find some mental space to zone out and allow thoughts to drift in as I worked. Words of wisdom from all kinds of people seemed to bubble up and connect me with different times and places, a good feeling to have the presence of some brilliant, creative minds with me as I worked.

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