Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kingfisher walk

A short walk on my own after dinner; sun just setting.
Walked along the riverbank.
Saw a kingfisher in flight above the water.
A joyful flash of brilliance.
A moment later I stumbled and was stung by nettles.
Searching around for dock leaves and wondering about this old remedy.
Clutching dock leaves to my arm I wandered the other direction, through the boggy area and under the by-pass.
Making a bundle of the spent dock leaf and wrapping a long piece of grass around it.
I wondered if this was a good memento of the kingfisher sighting, or perhaps the lumps on my arm from the nettle sting?

Then spotted my first ripe blackberries of the year - ate one and brought one home as a souvenir.
Several things to mark this short walk, some fleeting, others more lasting.
Memories, marking moments with mementos?
Passed herons, also returning home.


  1. "sense of place" - lucky you seeing a kingfisher - it makes you realise just how beautiful nature is - as for the stumble.... something good came out of it! By the way nettle soup is wonderful, also Nettle tea (very good for gout!) So although they sting they have their uses.

  2. I haven't managed to read any blogs for a while, and coming back to see what you have been up to is a joy. The sculpture heads look interesting, that must have been a wonderful experience.
    I love your piece of work that is now fragile illegible letters, I wonder what you will do next with it.



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