Saturday, 16 April 2011

Phenomenological Perspecitives

In preparing a proposal for an art festival I have been referring back to the wealth of material I collected for my MA research. I hadn't appreciated what a valuable resource this is and just how much I had accumulated. One of the things which really resonated with my current ideas and projects was Sandy Gellis' 'New York Rainfall: 1987', which I first read about in 'Earth Mapping: Artists Reshaping Landscape  by Edward S. Casey. In this work Sandy Gellis responded to a specific site (just outside her window) where she placed an etching plate, coated with a water sensitive medium, each day for a year. Each square plate was marked by the amount of rainfall that occurred on that day. The entire work was created as etchings and also as an installation of the plates themselves - both beautiful and eloquent. I am interested in how these works respond to and record the essence of a space and time. I think I could learn a great deal from the simplicity and directness of this vision.

Although Sandy's website is rather light on text, if you want to read more take a look at Jonathan Novak gallery website.

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